2019 is upon us!

“2019 is upon us!”

And the world is still of its hinges, and we keep hanging on as best as we can. I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope it’s going to be a good one. 

2018 was a full year for me both career wise and in my life in general. A year of facing my own shortcomings and year of realizing what matters. And not to take that lightly.  I played ap 60 gigs and released an album with The Rambling Rodgers – my first release with Norwegian lyrics. Like my other album with the sensational The Rambling Rodgers “Tornado Tracks” from 2015 – this album, “De nære ting” is a country rock-album. Maybe leaning a little more to rock. It was released in October and we are still in the process of launching it. Proud!

I am currently working on some music for another solo-album with my producer Per Ladegård and Nashville-based recording artist and performer Kinsey Rose, and also, we will write another album for The Muskogee Hotel Explosion – no release plans as of yet, but I will keep you posted.

Thank you so much for the interest and support of my music! Spin it on Spotify or other streaming services or visit my e-shop. Peace and Love!



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