Alive and Well

Well, 2020 – what the fxxx happened?! It most certainly has not turned out as we expected. any of us. Covis-19 hit and are hitting us hard – and a lot have been said about it and it will be talked about, researched, and fought over in the years to come, I’m sure.  A crisis always shows us the worst and best sides of us humans. I choose to see the best – all the people helping, putting themselves at risk through either heroic acts that everyone sees, or kind and responsible actions of help and solidarity that one hardly notices. I’m optimistic on our behalf, fine folk!

You have your story to tell – this is part of mine so far. All my gigs got cancelled like for all musicians just about. I had all these songs lying about so I thought why not climb my Everest? And I did! I called Per Ladegård – the producer of “Tall Tales and Misfortunes” and “Drive” - and asked if he could stand to do one more project with me – and he said yes. I call this my Everest because for me to go and record live in a studio alone was a terrifying idea. But now it’s done! The album is called “Alive and Well” and contains 12 songs. I am still working on the release details and I will keep you posted!

Meanwhile: Stay safe and care – and listen to John Prine songs.

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