So what about 2020?

So what about you 2020?

Every new year is full of promise – or at least a measure of hope. I guess we need that good feeling to cope with this world in turmoil. There is enough of things going on – or not going on – to spark frustration and even apathy. In all this we have music. A friend of mine that definitely has very different political views from me wrote: “Politics are a mindset usually influenced by where you were raised, but music, my friend, speaks to the soul. On that level we are kindred spirits. Love you, my friend.”

2019 is gone but memorable. I got to share stage with to artist that I really admire – Kierston White and Jaimee Harris in July. Played the “From Dusk ‘til Dawn Blues Festival” in Rentiesville, OK and The Chili and Bluegrass festival in Wagoner, OK with Muskogee Hotel. Had a packed intimate show in Åsgårdstrand with Lene Svaleng Sørensen and Stig Karlsen from The Rambling Rodgers. Not the least: The release of and  the concerts promoting the album “Drive” featuring my friend and colleague Kinsey Rose. I am so proud of that album – thanks to everyone that contributed. 

2020?  I’ll keep on trucking 😊. Hope to see you down the road!.

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