Still Alive and Well

I have not been writing a news blog in a long time. But here goes; How the hell are ya? In this neck of the woods, I am pleased to say I’m still alive and well, blood pressure is under control and the creative juices are flowing. I guess they have been all through these tiering times of pandemic. In fact, I am working on three albums simultaneously. 

The first is the second Muskogee Hotel album – “No. 2”. It is going to be a hot one – the boys are on fire. 

The second is my next solo album “War Horse” which is as eclectic as my first solo album “Rough Hope” - very different songs and expressions but fitting for an old music aficionado as Yours truly. 

The third one is based on eight songs of american songwriters that I have translated in to Norwegian.  I am still waiting for permision from a few of the publisher’s, but it is in the making. The working title of this album is «På Norsk» and will be released by the label Fonogram (yes, I got a contract!) and the single «For alt det gode» is already out there. It is a translation of the beautyful song by Kris Kristofferson «For The Good Times». See the video here:

So there you are – things are moving. No album release in 2021, but in 2022……  Let’s make it a good one!

Meanwhile: Stay safe and care – and listen to John Prine songs.

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