14.1.23 "What To Do?"

14.1.23 "What To Do?"

The new year has been kicked off and what to do about it?

Life – all of it – is in motion all the time. Sometimes I find comfort in the fact that time is linear and constantly moving. There’s some comfort in that, or as I wrote in the song “Always Some Comfort In Time”: There’s always some comfort in the road that goes on forever.

 I’m getting old and I try to come to terms with it – it’s a tough one, but at the same time challenging in a positive way. There is always something one can do that has never been done before. Both in one's own life and in one's interaction with loved ones and others that crosses your path by trait or coincidence.

The last three albums I have released – solo and with Muskogee Hotel – I have produced myself. I am proud of the work I have put down but producing oneself is challenging – it’s hard to get enough distance to your own music. It’s too close as heart. So, I have decided to go for a producer for my next project. This summer I have booked a rental house, a studio and the vastly talented studio owner Kyle Reid in Norman, OK, USA to produce some of my songs. I really, really look forward to this colab. And ideas for songs and pre-production are so motivating getting into – love it! Talk about age – in a process like this you just feel invigorated, inspired and full of force and at the same time seasoned, experienced and confident – not a bad state to be in.

I will keep you posted!

Thank you so much for support and listening to my songs. It means a lot!!!


Meanwhile: Stay safe and care – and listen to John Prine songs.

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