“60/60 – it is what it is and I like it!”

“60/60 – it is what it is and I like it!”

Hi there, fine folk!                                                  Horten, NO - 6th of August 2023

Further down the road in my 60ieth year roaming this lonely planet, and I’m coming to terms with it – I even every now and then like it. Not because the alternative is worse, but because I am learning to embrace it, I’m proud of being here, of what I have learned, what I have accomplished, and I am curious of what’s ahead.

I was sort of brutally honest in my last blog – and it’s always a balance between being too private and being true – also relating to my songwriting and my music. I choose to be open, things happen, and it has an impact. My health is good though I need to get in better shape – just got results from an MRI, and all is good. I do have a bit of cancer but so far, no development. Even if all is quiet it is a worry that slumbers in the back of one’s mind and sometimes it rears its ugly head. Enough of that – MUSIC:

I had five good days in Kyle Reid’s studio in Norman, Oklahoma in July – and to top it off I had most likely my best concert ever in the US on Woodyfest in Okemah – and my Vibeke travelled with me - all smiles.

We worked on five songs, and to me it was very refreshing and inspiring working with Kyle – as I had hoped and anticipated. His approach is fresh, up to date but at the same time traditional – which is just the right combination for this old war horse. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has a good ear for what the songs need. More about further contributions later, but I’m excited. Can’t wait for you to hear these songs, and after some pondering, I have decided to keep adding to this project and make it into an album – most likely released in 2024. A single will come during the fall.

This means I will fly over to Oklahoma one more time this year, and we will work on five more songs – working on those plans as I write this. If you feel like supporting this project - look in the shop and contact me for an offer!

 That all for now folks!

Meanwhile: Stay safe and care – and listen to John Prine songs.


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