«A Shadow of a Smile” - it is coming!

«A Shadow of a Smile” - it is coming!

«A Shadow of a Smile” - it is coming!         April 25th 2024                   

 Hi there whoever you are!

Thank you for visiting my page. This will be shorter blog entry but felt like updating the info regarding my next release. It’s been a lot of doubt and processing being dealt with the last few months. I needed a bit of a break, and I also had this lingering sensation that the album needed another song – so I wrote one. I sent it over to my producer in Norman, OK – Kyle Reid – and he did his magic. I added vocals and some guitar parts at Robert Hauge’s Badabing Studios here in Horten. “What I Got” is almost done (waiting for a surprise guest to put on some harmonies)  and will most likely be the next single as well

With that song in the pocket the name of the album had to change – and now it is “A Shadow of a Smile”. The title is a line from one of the songs on the album. I don’t have a release date yet, but it will happen in late fall. I still have not decided if I will print CDs and LPs yet – what do you think?

NEWS 1: We have started working on an exciting project with Muskogee Hotel and will work closely with the fabulous harmonica virtuoso Richard Gjems – more info follows when it starts to materialize!

 NEWS 2: Muskogee Hotel’s single from 2022 “The Love You Choose“ is getting played a bit around the world these days – last 28 days on Spotify it was played in 54 countries – not high numbers but still – it’s out there in cyber land having some fun! Help out if you want to – much appreciated.

And where are my comments about the state of things? What is there to say really - The world is on slippery slope to more destruction, violence, a breeding ground for hate that we will have to deal with for a long, long time – it’s a storming shit show. Good people needs to stick together – so care for your surroundings and your neighbors, friends, foes and family – it’s where it starts.

All the best - And listen to Johns Prine songs.


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