Cruising into a break.... Happy Holidays all!

Cruising into a break.... Happy Holidays all!

Hope you are doing good!

These are strange and challenging times. Both the pandemic and Putin's decision to create turmoil, bloodshed and a new world order; totally miscalcualted. It all has hit many very hard. Even here in the "lucky" north more folks than in a long time are struggling to make ends meet. Let's make these Holidays a generous one, one for lending a hand or a contribution of some kind.

2022 has been exiting musically. Two albums written and recorded through the pandemic, are released for your enjoyment :-) I really hope you like them; Muskogee Hotel's second album "No. 2" and my solo effort "War Horse".  It's hard to get the music out there - so any help spreading my music is greatly appreciated!

It has been a year full of great gigs, and I sometimes have to pinch my arm - it's such a privilege to be able to do this :-)

I am currently writing songs and making plans for my next album, and have exiting news coming up soon - so stay tuned!  

I wish you peace and love - as  always! Take care of each other and stay safe. Let's make 23 a good one!


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