Here we are!

Almost at the end of a troublesome year. 2022 turned out to be a game changer and mostly not for the positive. So the best of luck to you 2023 - I pledge to do my part.  My two releases of 2022 is out there - here's a quote from the press release:

"My new album "War Horse", is part two of my homage to the music I grew up with and that shaped my musicial interest and identity in the 70ties.

Muskogee Hotel’s album "No. 2" is dedicated to heavy eclectic bluesrock, while "War Horse" is a singer- songwriter album with a production inspired by the sounscape from early 70ties.  The feeback received related to «No.2» has been great. Now I look forward to present «War Horse»"

Give them a listen - support my music by byuin a product ot listen to the them on your favourite streaming service - much apreciated!

Live well!


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