New single!

New single!

Hi there!

Next Friday (November the 17th) - I'm releasing the first single and sample of my work with the multi talented Kyle Reid in Norman, Oklahoma. It's been a fun ride and we are finishing up a whole album these days. More info about that later - but I can tell it's been a fun ride - of course it is a lot of hard work, but it's definitely under the category hard fun. Except for 24 hours of food poisening all has gone smooth :-)

"Sometime's I'm Tired" was written after I had heard many people talk about how tired they were from pressure and stress in everyday life - when life seems all about achievement, performance, delivering on expectations that come both from oneself and from the surroundings, about showing off that one succeeds, about taking a stand, being clear, having an opinion, caring about others and oneself, the environment, power and politics etc.

I would like to address that it is perfectly okay to feel tired. It is difficult to navigate in a world you have little control over with this one precious life of ours. At the same time, I wanted the song to contain something more than just a realization – namely hope and faith that we can choose. I have played the song live a few times both at home and abroad, and many people have come and thanked me for that particular song after concerts.

So on the 17th of November: Here goes! And I hope you like it! It's available on all major streaming services!



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