”So far 2023? – Fuck you and a promising future.”

”So far 2023? – Fuck you and a promising future.”

It’s sort of liberating to write a blog – you are in total control and the only moderator is your honest self and the devil on your back – and I do have one, a strong and outspoken one. Life in the balance.

First about my personal journey, then about my music endeavors (exiting news when you get there!)

So, let’s get it done with: I hate getting old. This year I am turning 60 and I know it, I feel it and I don’t like it. There is so much I want to do, accomplish, marks to be made – there so many places to see, books to read, songs to write, music to explore – and undoubtedly time is running out.

This last couple of months has also reminded me that my body is getting worn out. I was going through a pretty much standard procedure that went wrong and I had to be admitted to the hospital through ER twice. Thought it would be easy. It was hard – pain trauma and eight weeks I could do without. By the way – I’m fine now.

Lessons learned? I don’t know really, but I do thank the medical support system (not a given god) from scientists, doctors, nurses, nurses aids and others – I got help when I really thought this was it. I do trust in them.

Another thing – it’s common to say that age is just a number, or that these days 60 is the new 40 or whatever. That is truly bullshit – at best 60 is the new 60. I guess it is our job, our task, our challenge as long as we breathe to carry our age as well as we can – try to keep learning, try to be honest regarding our capacity and our growing shortcomings – and also our lust for life (thanks Iggy).


And now something completely different 😊 – enough whining!!!

My next musical recording project has the working title: The Tale of the Lost Guitar.  In short, I had a very valuable Gibson acoustic guitar – a Custom Shop SJ200 for those that know. I have had it for some years but never really played it much. I’m a J45 guy. My good friend and amazing singer Kinsey Rose have played it while staying here and on some of the shows we have had together – so she’ll hate me for this. I got an offer I could not refuse and just sold the damn thing – for to me, a lot of money. So, I decided to burn it on music.  I’m spending the guitar on this:

This summer I have rented a house, a studio and a producer in Norman, Oklahoma (OK) to record some new songs.

I was super exited that Kyle Reid said yes to work with me – I admire his work and also, he is part of the OK music scene that I feel strangely and strongly related to. Kyle is both a producer and multi musician. Check out his latest solo release “Tin Can Gramophone” and also the latest album from Carter Sampson – “Gold” – that right now is doing well on the US Americana charts.  Kyle plays a lot of the instruments and have also co-produced this fine album.

I have produced my last three albums myself and I really need some fresh perspectives on my songs. So far Kyle have picked out five songs that he will work on and produce – I will keep you updated!

I have also been invited to perform on this year’s annual Woodyfest in Okemah, OK. It will be my fifth time joining the ticket on this music festival full of wonders July 12-16. It is a very special singer songwriter festival based on the lasting influence the amazing Woody Guthrie had on American folk and storytelling music. So, if you are close by or know someone that are – you know what to do.

That all for now folks!

Meanwhile: Stay safe and care – and listen to John Prine songs.

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