«What to do - and life without social media» - January 4th 2024

«What to do - and life without social media» - January 4th 2024

«What to do - and life without social media»                

Hi there, fine folk!

LIFE - A new year is already on its way – and who knows where it may lead. 23 surely turned out to be a disturbing and disastrous one – wars, terrorism and state terrorism, massive numbers of civilians and children killed, natural disasters (over 50 000 dead in Syria and Turkey in February – isn’t it scary how easily we forget?), higher living costs – including both food and energy prices and interest rates - people pushed into poverty.

And here in safe and secure Norway I greet the new year with all kinds of comfort and safety - and snowed in for a few days due to a severe blizzard – the contrasts! I’m struggling how to deal with this. Through all kinds of information channels, the world is out there in my back yard – and yet it is not.

Social Media (SOME) - After extensive presence on a few social media platforms in October and November I decided to take a much-needed brake. Those type of activities just profoundly drain me of energy through feeding mostly my insecurity, but also my high hopes for the music. I call it PSRS – post release stress syndrome – getting to emotionally involved and also way too much self-conscious. I tried to be a SOME-content provider, but I was much more of a SOME-content consumer.

So far?  It has been wonderful – I even love it. It gives me more peace of mind, time to read, and to spend time on different activities concentrated over time. The problem is that I really don’t know how to reach an audience without these platforms – so please, I’m open for suggestions: How to spread information and awareness concerning my music without many activities in SOME? Write me: knut.shiverbone@gmail.com

What to do with my next album? Thank you for all the feedback and support playing my latest single “Sometimes I’m Tired”. I like this little song a lot, but so far it has not been picked up or attracted a lot of new listeners - even though my label Nordicana and yours truly did a lot of marketing. But hey, it’s still out there – so make it fly 😊.

One of the issues I’m working on – pondering - now is what to do with my nearly finished solo-album – working title is “Love and Cynicism”. Should I just release it solely digitally or should I print and produce CDs and/or vinyl albums? I love physical products, but I’m an old nostalgic man – and as an independent it’s getting increasingly hard to sell them.

Anyhow: I do have a great album here containing 11 tracks and I do want to unleash it on the world – so I guess – more later!

All the best - And listen to Johns Prine songs.


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